Rjukan: Vemork Industrial Workers Museum

Address: Vemork, 3660 Rjukan Show map

Address: Vemork, 3660 Rjukan

The Rjukan Waterfall provided the basis for building the world's largest power station of the time at Vemork in 1911. The power station is now a museum where you can learn about the fantastic adventure of its founding and see exhibitions on industrial development in Norway and especially in Rjukan.

The museum is perhaps best known for its presentation of Rjukan's exciting war history. Vemork was at the centre of one of the most important acts of sabotage committed during the Second World War, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing a nuclear bomb from the heavy water that was produced there.

The exhibition "Atomkappløpet" (the nuclear race) gives an exciting and extremely informative presentation of the four heavy water sabotage operations and the Allies' efforts to build a nuclear bomb. You can watch a documentary called "If Hitler had the bomb" in the cinema, which is about the acts of sabotage committed during the quest to destroy the heavy water plant.

Here you will also find an exhibition about the saboteurs and also an exhibition about Rjukan as an industrial place.

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